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Mining Package

  • Mining Package provides not only analysis modules specialized in social network data, but also mining modules. 26 kinds of mining modules help you to get special result.
  • [Mining]
  • Frequent Subgraph Classification Regression Collaborative Filtering
    GREW kNN (Matrix/Vector) CART SVD
    Undirected Graph Native Bayes   SVD++
    Directed Graph Discriminant Analysis   Social SVD++
    gSpan SVM   ISVD
    Multiple Graphs CART   User Based
    Partitioning Multilayer Perceptron    
    Reduction Clustering Anomaly Detection  
    NNMF Hierarchical (Matrix/Vector) Probability Distribution  
      k-means - Independent  
      GMM - Multivariate Normal  
      PAM (Matrix/Vector) Local Outlier Factor  
        Attribute Value Frequency  
  • mining