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Advanced Analysis Package

  • Advanced Analysis package provides you more powerful and in-depth analyses.
    A total of 46 kinds of advanced analysis modules are enough to satisfy your various needs for analysis.
    Module reference provided together, guides you through features of each analysis, and how to use them.
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  • Neighbor Subgraph Connection Cohesion Centrality
    Homophily Dyad Census Dependency Generalized-Clique R.W. Betweenness
    Assortativity Triad Census Min. Cutset Betweenness Information
    Equicentrality Triad Combination Influence Modularity Load
      Motif Search Accessibility Label Propagation Effects
        All Cycle Finding Cohesive Block PageRank
          s-Clique HITS
            Generalized PageRank
    Equivalence Properties Models Diffusion Two Mode
    Triad Modularity Dyadic Interaction (P1) Effects Degree
    Local   ERGM (P*) Sequence Eigenvector Centrality
    Sim Rank   Blockmodel
    Process Max. Matching
          Target Degree Centrality
            Betweenness Centrality
            Closeness Centrality