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  • Version : 4.3.2.g

    Release Date: Mar 2, 2018


    1. Bug fix

    - Add scroll bar to the options in Control panel

  • Version : 4.3.2.f

    Release Date: Jan 26, 2018


    1. Bug fix

    - Mismatch between links and their attribute value in Plug-in 'Word Network'

  • Version : 4.3.2.e

    Release Date: Dec 26, 2017


    1. Bug fix

    - Some modules for 2-mode network anlaysis(Betweenness Centrality, Eigenvector Centrality, Closeness Centrality)

  • Version : 4.3.2.d

    Release Date: Dec 12, 2017


    1. Bug fix

    - Correct an error in [M] Dendrogram, a result of Structural Equivalence

    - Correct an error in Plug-in 'Word Network'(In ver. 4.3.2.c, the number of links between words is wrong if 'Link Frequency Threshold' is above 2,)

  • Version : 4.3.2.c

    Release Date: Oct 27, 2017


    1. Bug fix

    - Correct an error in Plug-in 'Word Network' (MS949 encoding problem) 

  • Version : 4.3.2.b

    Release Date: Oct 26, 2017


    1. Bug fix

    - Correct an error in importing unstructured text data (MS949 encoding problem)

    - Auto Update


  • Version : 4.3.2

    Release Date: Oct 10, 2017


    1. New Features for Semantic Network Analysis

    - ‘Words in a Sentense’(Plug-in)

    - Named-Entity Recognition

    2. Enhanced Functionalities


    - The new version 2.7.1 of Jython is available

  • Version : 4.3.0.a

    Release Date: April 12, 2017


    1. Bug Fix

    - Revise several characters of Topic Modeling Algorithm(LDA)
    - Correct some contents of User Manual(Semantic Network Analysis)
    - Correct the error in the process of Korean Morphological Analysis

  • Version : 4.3

    Release Date: Mar 6, 2017


    1. New Features for Semantic Network Analysis

    - Extract the words from text
    - Create a word network(Plug-in)
    - Define the User-generated Dictionary
    - Find Topics
    - Draw the Word Cloud(Plug-in)


    2. License verification for perpetual license

    A new perpetual license without 'Hardware Key' which is used for license verification.


    3. Bug fix

    - Support high resolution displays on windows 8, 10
    - Zoom in/out in Data editing panel
    - Correct the error of PFnet

  • Version : 4.2.2.a

    Released date : Jan 2, 2017


    1. Bug fix 

    - Correct an error in Eigenvector Centrality value 
    (This error occurs If absolute value of maximum eigenvalue divided by second highest value is 1)


    Note: Windows smartscreen could prevent NetMiner from starting. 

    We guess the cause is that NetMiner doesn’t have enough reputation yet as far as Microsoft is concerned our software. 

    Despite this warning our software is absolutely safe to run and download. 

    We’re trying to make Windows recognize NetMiner as authorized software before next update.