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  • Download NetMiner Retail version if you purchase NetMiner license.
  • NetMiner can be installed on Windows XP/ Vista/ 7 / 8 (32 bit and 64 bit supported)
  • 32bit download   64bit download
  • Get NetMiner 14-DAY TRIAL in a minutes after sign-up.
  • Experience all of NetMiner for 2 weeks.
  • A variety of sample data sets and user manual are also included with Evaluation version.
  • It enable you to analyze up to 5000 nodes.
  • evaluation version
  • NetMiner Extensions are small programs to extend the functionality of NetMiner. By adding 'NetMiner Extension', you can expand your research. After installation, the program will be added to NetMiner’s ‘Extension’ menu. Each Extensions have 7 days free trial period.
  • During 7-day free trial, Extension can import collections of maximum 5,000 nodes into NetMiner.
  • ① SNS Data Collector (1 Year)
    NetMiner SNS Data Collector collects data from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram for public opinion analysis.
  • evaluation version evaluation version
  • ② Biblio Data Collector (1 Year)
    Biblio Data Collector collects bibliographic information from online and offers a variety of preprocessing options to make it easier to deal with complicated and time consuming jobs.
  • evaluation version evaluation version
  • Aren't you NetMiner user yet?
  • NetMiner Viewer lets you view everything created in NetMiner if you don't have NetMiner installed.
  • So NetMiner users can share their analysis results with much more colleagues, web page visitors and clients.
  • We have prepared some examples of NetMiner data file(.nmf) and Viewer manual.

  • Explore the network analysis results in these files with NetMiner Viewer.
  • evaluation version