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  • [Automatic Plug-in] Topic Modeling

  • Author : admin Version : 1.0 Date : 2019-01-21 18:08:09
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  • Author : CYRAM Date : 2018-03-16 Version : 1.5 (2018-11-21. It runs on NetMiner ver. 4.4.2) Description : This plug-in is useful to find the hidden topics and visualize the result of topic modeling(LDA) Some newest update features of NetMiner are included in these plug-ins, please install the latest version of NetMiner(4.4.0.b). ----- How to Install ------ 1) Download an attachment. 2) Register the NMX file in the plug-in manager. ----- How to Use ------ * This plug-in requires 'Semantic Network Edition' or higher license. ① Import unstructured text data before running this plug-in(Menu File >> Import unstructured text) ② Go to Tools > Plug-ins > '[Automatic Plug-in] Topic Modeling' ③ Enter the threshold values of TF-IDF and word length to delete useless words. ④ Enter values for topic modeling(LDA) and visualization between topic and main words. ⑤ Press 'OK' button. ⑥ The process will be started. When the process is done, the following results will be generated. - Filtered Words : Words excluding the common and short words - Result[Documents...] : Word networks for each topic(You can find a network map for each topic by double-clicking 'Spring 2D' in sessions) - Topic proportion : Pie chart of 'Frequency' in sessions shows the number of documents for each topic. - Topic map : Visualization for word - Topic network For more description about this plug-in, please visit following URL. (Eng) http://www.netminer.com/community/forum/forum-view.do?wr_id=232 (Kor) http://cyram.tistory.com/249?category=491192

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