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  • Co-occurence network make

  • Author : admin Version : Date : 2020-08-11 06:19:38
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  • This script make co-occurence network data from csv data. If you have paper raw data as follow, this script generates co-author network data as the result.

    <Sample raw data>




    1) When you perform this script, you can see some dialog box

    Select data same as sample raw data. And you must select target column that include co-occurence node.
    Target colums start is 0. If you want to select second column, select 1.
    Seperator is split character between node. If target column element is A;B;C, seperator is ';'.

  • 2011-08-24 00:24:45
    I am trying to install the above plug in but when I add the CSV file to it. It generates error and fails to run. What should I do about it?
    2011-08-24 23:38:06
    When can I expect a response from the NetMiner team?
    Conetwork is the only feature I am interested in and that's why I installed the evaluation version. If it
    does not work, please let me know so that I may start looking for other options. Thanks!
    2011-08-26 18:07:38
    나는에 위의 플러그인을 설치하려고하지만 그것에 CSV 파일을 추가할 때.
    그것은 오류를 생성하고 실행 실패합니다. 나는 그것에 대해 무엇을해야합니까?
    2011-09-15 01:06:44
    To Sadiz Nawaz : We replied by e-mail. Check your email please. Thank you :)
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