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    Assortativity for categorical variable

    2019-04-05 | admin

    Plug-in Name : Assortativity_categorical
    Author : CYRAM
    Date : 2019-04-03
    Description : This Plug-in measures whether the nodes tend to be connected to other nodes with same attribute value.

    ----- How to Install ------

    1) Download an attachment.

    2) Register the NMX file in the plug-in manag
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    [Automatic Plug-in] Topic Modeling

    2019-09-26 | admin

    Author : CYRAM
    Date : 2018-03-16
    Version : 1.6 (2019.09.04)
    Description : This plug-in is useful to find the hidden topics and visualize the result of topic modeling(LDA)
    Some newest update features of NetMiner are included in these plug-ins, please install the latest version of NetMiner(4.4.2.b).

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    Plug-ins for Semantic Network Analysis

    2019-01-07 | admin

    Author : CYRAM
    Date : 2017-10-24
    Description : These Plug-ins are the functions for 'Semantic Network Analysis' of NetMiner.
    (Word Network, Word Cloud, Words in the Original Text)
    Some newest update features of NetMiner could be included in these plug-ins, please install the latest version of NetMi
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    egoFollowRelation (new version of Twitter Data Crawling Box)

    2020-06-23 |

    Currently, this plug-in may not be available due to change of Twitter API.
    If you're interested in Twitter, you can download 'SNS Data Collector' for free.

    * * *

    Plug-in Name : egoFollowRelation
    Author : CYRAM
    Date : 2014-02-17
    Description : This Plug-in imports Twitter Follow Network to NetMine
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    Quick Centrality Visualization

    2015-04-28 | admin

    Plug-in Name : QuickCentVize
    Author : CYRAM
    Date : 2013-06-07
    Description : This Plug-in changes the color and shape of nodes on centralization of each node.

    ----- How to Use ------

    1) Open a map on the screen.

    2) Go to Tools → Plug-in and select “QuickCentViz”

    3) Choose the one of
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