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    Plug-ins for Semantic Network Analysis

    2017-12-12 | admin

    Author : CYRAM
    Date : 2017-10-24
    Description : This Plug-ins are the functions for 'Semantic Network Analysis' of NetMiner.
    (Word Network, Word Cloud, Words in a Sentence)

    1) Word Network(2017.12.12, ver 1.4)
    It can create a Network between words from unstructured text data.
    'Remove Self-L
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    egoFollowRelation (new version of Twitter Data Crawling Box)

    2015-04-28 |

    Plug-in Name : egoFollowRelation
    Author : CYRAM
    Date : 2014-02-17
    Description : This Plug-in imports Twitter Follow Network to NetMiner

    ----- How to Install ------

    1) Download an attachment.

    2) Unzip the file.

    3) Register the NMX file(egoFollowRelation.nmx) in the plug-in manager.

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    Quick Centrality Visualization

    2015-04-28 | admin

    Plug-in Name : QuickCentVize
    Author : CYRAM
    Date : 2013-06-07
    Description : This Plug-in changes the color and shape of nodes on centralization of each node.

    ----- How to Use ------

    1) Open a map on the screen.

    2) Go to Tools → Plug-in and select “QuickCentViz”

    3) Choose the one of
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    Save a map to high resolution image

    2015-05-19 | admin

    Plug-in Name : SaveMapImg
    Author : CYRAM
    Version : 1.0.0
    Date : 2013.01.31

    NetMiner 4 provides a function to capture a network map easily.
    However, because this function is based on the capturing method, to get an
    enlarged image, the larger screen is required.

    SaveMapImage plug-in ena
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    Specified Node Relation Graph in Twitter (1)

    2015-05-08 | admin

    Plug-in Name : Specified Node Relation Graph in Twitter
    Author : CYRAM
    Version : 1.0.2
    Date : 2014.02.17

    This plug-in is for crawling relationship data from max. 5 accounts on Twitter.
    By using this plug-in, you can see the relationship of the focused account through their followers or frien
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