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  • NetMiner 4.5 Update !

  • Author : admin   Date : 2022-04-20 07:02:45
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  • You can get NetMiner with new pricing plan at up to 50% less than before,
    which is available to import the unlimited data
    New Lower Pricing Plan
    Enjoy NetMiner at up to 50% offwith new pricing plan. Also, you can upgrade your license at up to 70% less than before. 
    It’s a great chance to get started with NetMiner and keep your costs down.
    Unlimited Data
    No limit for Importing data with the new pricing plan.
    If you have enough computing power and resource for importing data, a large amount of data can be imported into NetMiner!
    Simple Pricing Plan
    Don't think about pricing plan. All you need to do is choose between two simple plan. 
    Standard Network Analysis, Visualization
    Premium Standard + Data Collection, Text Mining and Machine Learning
    Free Educational Plan
    Get a 'Free Educational Plan' for your class or lecture.
    If you're an educator enrolled in a degree program at an accredited high school, university, or community college, you can apply this plan. 
    If you upgrade your license until 31 May 2022, you can get 50% off !

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